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10 Strategies to Grow Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

By now, you've probably heard LinkedIn is the "new" hot platform for online writers. After reading this email, you know exactly how to grow your personal brand there.
10 Strategies to Grow Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

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Hey friend,

In this email, you'll learn 10 proven strategies to grow your personal brand on LinkedIn.

By now, you've probably heard that's the "new" hot platform for online writers.

After reading this email, you know exactly how to do this.

Without further ado, here are the 10 strategies.

1/ Show up genuine and authentic.

Your audience follows you because they like your content and unique way of communicating.

How can I be so sure of that?

Well, everyone can speak about growing their audience on LinkedIn, but no one can do it like you and with your unique experience.

Your personal touch sets you apart.

Leverage this.

Speak from your unique experience and perspective and don't be afraid to add emotions to the mix.

2/ Be the guide your audience needs.

This is one of the leading principles of The Creator Academy:

Giving the advice I needed to hear 6/12/24 months ago.

You want to write for your past self, and educate your audience from your own lessons.

Don't try to be perfect for everyone, try to be the best guide for your audience.

3/ Give, give, give, give, give, give. Get.

Audience-building is about building credibility and trust first.

The days are gone when you can simply send content into the world, sitting in your ivory tower, and expect the world to flock to you.

Giving more than you take (especially in the early stages) will yield the best results:

  • Goodwill
  • Good reputation
  • People wanting to give back

4/ Connect with interesting people every day.

The beauty of social media is that you can shape your own audience.

Why not leverage this?

Successful creators know that DMs are an important element of the LinkedIn game, but man, WTF to send?!

No worries, I got you covered:

Steal the 8 DM secrets here.

5/ Display the problem you solve for your audience.

A not-so-common statement:

Your personal brand isn't about you, but how you serve your audience.

You want to build your personal brand around a problem you solve for your audience.

An example:

I help creators grow an engaged audience and a powerful personal brand to make money online.

That's what my personal brand is about.

Sure, I'm inextricably linked to my brand (see point 3), but it's mostly the problem I solve for my audience.

To summarize a personal brand:

The problem you solve for your audience + your tone of voice + your personality + your experience = your personal brand.

6/ Teach, not preach.

The internet is full of "Become a Billionaire in 30 days" content, created by someone who hasn't done it himself.


Don't be that person.

Instead, you want to create content by speaking from your own experience:

“Here’s how I did X and it did Y for me”.

Approaching content creation from this perspective has a few benefits:

  1. No one can debate with you on the legitimacy of it.
  2. You create unique content (it's coming for your unique experience)
  3. It's easier to share your experience, instead of writing about something you've never done.

7/ Optimize for 1:1 calls

If you followed the advice from step 4, you're already ahead of 95% of LinkedIn.

Don't stop there.

After DMs, inviting people on a 1:1 call is by far the best way to network.

Broadly speaking, you can decide to speak with 3 types of people:

  • Peers
  • Clients
  • People with interesting profiles

This part of audience-building is definitely an element that sets you apart from most creators.

Struggling to get started? The LinkedIn Growth System breaks down this process to a tee.

8/ Tell personal stories

Remember what I said in the first step?

Authenticity and unique stories are important to building your personal brand.

Humans love stories, so you'd better tell them.

Remember, your unique personality is your superpower.

Show it.

Here's a framework you can use to write your next - potentially viral - story.

9/ Use the power of email

Growing a personal brand and audience on LinkedIn is great.

But, it's not everything.

If you're serious about the creator's game, you want to grow an asset that's 100% yours (compared to the rented audience on socials).

An email list helps you build a next-level connection with your audience.

Here are 5 strategies you can use your grow your email list.

10/ Grow your brand using content.

Saved the best for last.

Your content is the magnet you put out to attract like-minded people.

Without publishing content is nearly impossible to grow your personal brand.

So, you better get started.

Creating content becomes much easier when you have access to the right frameworks.

Unlock them here.

That's a wrap.

I hope this was valuable for you.

As always, I appreciate you'all.

Your Personal Creator Guide,


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