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4 Formats to Improve your LinkedIn Engagement

In this article, I'll share 4 of my favorite formats I use to create my LinkedIn content. These formats helped me to make 5 figures in digital product sales, and generate high-quality leads for my services.
4 Formats to Improve your LinkedIn Engagement

Hey friends,

Welcome to the first edition of The Creator Academy this year.

In this email, I'll share 4 of my favorite formats I use to create my LinkedIn content.

These formats helped me to make 5 figures in digital product sales, and generate high-quality leads for my services.

You can have the best idea in the world, but if your formatting sucks, the post tanks.

Especially, on LinkedIn.

The good news is that once you're aware of the existence of these so-called formats, you start to spot them frequently and you're able to come up with variations (important)

Unfortunately, most creators try to reinvent the wheel, instead of studying what works.

They think they know it better...

Besides, there are a few other reasons why LinkedIn Creators don't use the help that's right in front of them:

  • They think they can't copy the format of someone else..
  • They don't pay attention to content that performs..
  • They simply don't think about formatting..

But, as always, you're part of The Creator Academy for a good reason:

To get the actionable resources to grow and monetize your audience.

Here's a breakdown of 4 of my favorite formats:


A simple example of the contrast effect appears in the image below:

The grey square that’s placed on the light background appears darker than the grey square that’s placed on the dark background, whilst they’re both the exact same color.

The bigger the contrast you can create, the bigger the impact.

Combine this with a thoughtful and provoking idea, and you've got gold in your hands.

Here are 4 ways to use this format to your advantage:


Why do successful body transformations or house renovations instantly click with the audience?

It's a concept that's easy to understand for people.

Show your audience how you can take them from their current (often painful) situation to a desired, more pleasant situation.

I learned this format from my mentor Sean Anthony, who's fantastic at using a client transformation in his content:


Ofcourse, I can't leave out the most-used format of the Internet.

People love lists.


They want to know how the story ends.

Your job is to create a hook and opening that makes people want to read the rest and finish the list.

Easy, right?

Here are 4 examples to draw inspiration from:


Instead of only showing the benefits or positive elements, experiment with a reversed approach, as shown in the example of Sean below:

Importance and explanation

Earlier (here) I spoke about the two forms of content and this format perfectly fits the second bucket (of authority-building content).

Most people need to understand something first before they take action.

That's why you want to answer the following question with your content, before it becomes an issue:"Why's this important?"

Once you've shown the importance of your topic, you want to explain it a bit.

But, be careful here, you don't want to spill all the beans.

You - on purpose - want to leave out the nitty gritty, the how-to.

You want to leave your audience hanging at the "I want this now."

That way, they're more inclined to take action (e.g. to buying your products, DMing you, or booking a call)


By sharing this, I'm aware of two things:

A) You will start to spot these formats more frequently.

B) As more people start to use them, they lose their impact.

As with everything that's being used more, it loses its power.

For example, look at carousels on LinkedIn currently,

They're everywhere.

But, they do work 👀

That's why - as with every aspect of the creator's game - I challenge you to experiment and create your own variations.

Allright friends, that's it for this week.

I hope this was valuable.

I'll be on the lookout for more formats to experiment with so that in time, I can feed them back to you'all.

As always, don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Much love,

Your Personal Creator Guide,


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