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5 Steps to Generate Leads with Your LinkedIn Content

Here’s the 5 step process I use to create content that positions me as the expert I am. Including 3 example posts that generated 100+ leads
5 Steps to Generate Leads with Your LinkedIn Content

Hey friends,

Last week, we spoke about the 6 steps to create a LinkedIn Post.

Missed the issue? Read it here.

In this week’s episode, I’d like to go a bit deeper into lead generation.

A topic that most of you are interested in.

(fair warning, it’s going to be a short newsletter, as the most important aspect here is that you take action yourself).

So, let’s get started.

Here’s the 5 step process I use to create content that positions me as the expert I am.

(and, so can you).

Step 1: Describe that one person.

  • What do they call themselves?
  • Which problem do they have?
  • What have they tried so far?

An example:

  • An online coach with a 4-figure offer, who’s unable to generate leads through LinkedIn.

Step 2: Write out their biggest frustration

  • What keeps them up at night, regarding the problem they face?

An example:

  • Spending 2+ hours per day on LinkedIn with 0% ROI.

Step 3: Paint their ideal future

  • What does the ideal future look like?
  • What does life look like after working with you?

An example:

  • Get to a situation where their content fills their inbox with leads.

Step 4: Write out the plan

  • What are the 3-5 steps you take them through?

An example:

  • Understand their ICP, the main problem they solve and how they can utilize content to drive inbound leads.

Step 5: Share the next step

  • What's the one action you want them to take?

An example:

  • If they wanna have my help with this, they should DM me the word “expert”.


I hope you made notes and answered the questions about your situation.

Instead of mindlessly skimming over these words.

That's not why I wrote them down…


If you want to get better at writing authority-building content, the types that generate inbound leads, you need to have a rock-solid understanding of your WHO, WHAT and HOW.


Wanna see this framework in real life?

A few example:

  1. 1 post, 10+ leads
  2. 1 post, 32 leads
  3. 1 post, 75 leads and 15 clients

Allright friends, that's it for this week.

Keep creating, and being awesome.

And, we chat next week.

Much love,

Your Personal Creator Guide,


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