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5 Steps to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Profitable

In this guide, I'll share with you the process that allowed my clients to generate high-quality inbound leads with their LinkedIn Profile. Including three templates to get started today.
5 Steps to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Profitable

In this guide, I'll share with you the process that allowed my clients to generate high-quality inbound leads with their LinkedIn Profile.

Your LinkedIn Profile is the billboard that sells you and your services while you're asleep.

But unfortunately, 95% of the LinkedIn Profiles are shit.

And, they make visitors wanna leave faster than they came to the profile.

The fuck ups are pretty easy to spot:

  • They haven't spent time on their Profile.
  • Their Profile talks about them and them only.
  • Their Profile talks to everyone (no specificity).
  • They don't mention any desired outcome.

But, there's hope.

Here are the 5 elements you want to showcase to have a killer LinkedIn Profile.

Disclaimer: This technique won't work without content, as no one will visit your profile. I broke down two powerful content creation processes here.

Step 1: Speak to your ideal client"When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one".

Famous words of Seth Godin.

The more specific you can be with the copy on your LinkedIn Profile, the better your ideal client knows you're speaking to him.

As a result, he leans in and pays attention to the rest of your Profile.

Some examples to get your brain started:

  • Recent graduates
  • Stay-at-home moms
  • 7-figure business coaches
  • Newly married solopreneurs
  • B2B marketing professionals

Be specific, because not everyone is your customer.

Step 2: Address their pain

Last week, I spoke about picking a problem (instead of a niche).

That's what you want to do here.

Focus on the pain points, and the real frustrations your potential client faces.

As one of my favorite creators, Sean Anthony said it best: "Sell a painkiller, not a multivitamin."

You might ask "How do I figure this out?"

The simplest approach is to ask your audience.

Tip: this tactic only works when you have an engaged audience, not just followers.

If that's the case for you, read this guide first.

Step 3: Talk about their desired outcome

What does the life of your ideal client look like after using your product or service?

Paint that ideal future.

Be super concrete.

You want your ideal client to stop at your Profile and scream out loud:


So, describe the ultimate outcome (e.g. results, benefit, impact) your ideal client is looking for:

  • High-quality leads through LinkedIn
  • An 100K audience on TikTok
  • The confidence to ask someone out
  • Proficient in speaking Spanish

Again, the more specific you can be, the more your ideal client will listen and engage.

Important to add here is that you want to promise an outcome you can deliver.

If you haven't built a 7-figure personal brand on LinkedIn, don't promise that to your ideal client.

Their BS filter will sense that.

Step 4: Share the process

If you did step 3 right, you leave your ideal client thinking:

"How can I get this?"

So, in this fourth step, you want to display to your ideal client how he gets his desired outcome from you.

The process is two-fold:

  • The first step: how can your potential client take action?

Is it downloading a template, a guide, or booking a discovery call?

Explain it briefly here.

  • Secondly, what does "getting their desired outcome" look like?

Is it a course, program, or ongoing service?

Display these two elements on your Profile and keep highlighting this in your content.

Step 5: "Sell yourself" to them

In the last part, you want to answer the question: "Why should your ideal client listen to you?"

What are you really good at and what results can you bring with 100% confidence?

Some examples:

  • Personal Brand Strategist
  • Direct Response Conversion Copywriter
  • Technical SEO Specialist

In addition to this "job specification", you want to display your skill.

Showcase a body of work, which can include:

  • Testimonials
  • Recommendations
  • Client success stories
  • Your best-performing content

(Note: you don't want to brag about how good you think you are, but it's crucial to convince your ideal client why they should listen to you)

Time to put the pieces together

To complete the branding of your LinkedIn Profile, you combine the 5 steps into a killer headline first.

The following formula might be helpful to get your thought process started:


Two examples might be:

  • Helping | struggling | digital marketers | generate more leads | by breaking down lead generation on LinkedIn | Lead Generation Strategy
  • Saving | busy | B2B service founders | time writing | by writing high-converting copy | Digital Conversion Writer

(Note: this format is currently overused on LinkedIn, so my recommendation is to use this formula to get a V1 and then iterate on a more creative version)

Finally, I don't wanna leave you empty-handed.

But, please promise me you don't tell this further.

Our little secret, okay?

So, once you have a good understanding of your ideal client, their problem, your solution and delivery, and the next steps, you can put the final pieces together.


In the About section of your LinkedIn Profile.

Use the following 6-step framework to write an About Section that converts profile visitors into inbound leads.

(trust me, this works)

Yes, it's a lot.

Nobody said that positioning yourself online is an easy thing to do.

If you need help with putting your pieces together, let's chat.

Book your discovery call here.

That's it for this week.

We chat soon.

Thanks for being part of The Creator Academy.

Enjoy your weekend.

Much love,

Your Personal Creator Guide,


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