About The Creator Academy

Welcome here, fellow creator friend πŸ‘‹

My name is Jessie van Breugel, also known as the Purple Power Ranger – called by my creator-friends on LinkedIn.

I'm a digital creator, personal brand strategist, and digital nomad.

I love creating content, building an audience, and connecting with fellow creators.

a not-so purple picture so you know who's building this behind-the-scenes

But, enough about me, let's talk about The Creator Academy:

The Creator Academy is born from the pain I experienced at the start of my creators' journey:

  • I felt lonely.
  • I was without direction.
  • I was struggling.

With The Creator Academy, I want to be the guide and offer the platform and resources I needed myself.

The Creator Academy teaches you how to become a creator, get better as a creator, and how to monetize the things you love doing the most.

The Creator Academy is for creators, by creators.

We're all here to grow, right?

Pick your level and improve your skills with the right resources.

The Rookie

πŸ‘‰ "I haven't posted yet"

First, no worries; we all have to start somewhere.

Get started with this newsletter, this guide or this eBook

But, most important:

Start commenting, start posting and start engaging.

That's how you grow as a creator.

The Novice

πŸ‘‰ "I show up, but I don’t have many followers"

You feel you speak into the void and nobody listens.

95% chance that the following situation applies to you:

Your focus is diluted.

Identify the problem you want to solve and create content about it:

  1. How can you help your audience solve the problem?
  2. How can you show your audience you're the expert?

Create content around everything you do and learn.

Get started with this guide and this video.

PS. Get your free Content Management System here.

The Connector

πŸ‘‰ "I’ve got an audience, but no engagement"

Engagement is the most important thing to focus on in this phase.

  1. Engage with other creators. Make meaningful connections.
  2. Empower other creators.
  3. Build trust as you build your brand in public.

This video helps you understand the importance of an engaged audience. This Creator Guide is the right one to read or get started with the LinkedIn Growth System.

The Builder

πŸ‘‰ "I’ve got an engaged audience, but want to grow"

To grow, you need a strategy:

  1. Understand what works for your current audience.
  2. Be strategic about your content creation
  3. Collaborate with other creators

The LinkedIn Growth System might be your next step or schedule a free brand call to get clarity on the brand you want to build.

The Vendor

πŸ‘‰ "I have an engaged audience, and I want to launch a product"

Direct your attention to solving the problem of your audience and you make money in the process.

People don’t pay for information, they pay for application and organization.

To find the ideal model, there are a couple of steps to take:

  • The DARES checklist helps you to define the strategy to turn a pile of followers into a pile of cash
  • The PAIDS framework helps you to figure out which path you can take to monetize your audience.

Get the 11-step strategy to go from idea to execution and money in your bank account. Or, book a 1:1 clarity call to discuss your unique situation.

The Rockstar

πŸ‘‰ "I’ve got a product, and I want to sell more"

Building a product is one thing, but you need to sell it, too.

A powerful personal brand is your biggest differentiator online.

If you're ready to grow your personal brand into the most valuable asset, there are three things you can do:

  1. Get started with the LinkedIn Growth System.
  2. Book a 1:1 clarity call to discuss your unique situation.
  3. Explore a 1:1 coaching program with me, book a free discovery call here.

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