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Don't Pick a Niche. Pick a Problem

Here's how to create your content strategy without having to worry about your niche.
Don't Pick a Niche. Pick a Problem

Hey friend,

It's amazing to have you here and know you spend some of your valuable to become a better creator.

In this article, I'm sharing my progress to help you create a content strategy.

The best part?

You don't have to worry about your finding your niche first.

Sounds like a dream, hey?

"Niching down" is a problem so many creators face.

In fact, it paralyzes them and they cease to take action.

Following the strategy, I'm about to share, helps you to overcome this challenge and take the right action.

It's time to break the big belief:

You need a niche to start.

This is SO not true.

To prove my point:

Follow the strategy I give you here, and you'll be rewarded with your niche at the end, as a "little gift."

Unfortunately, still, so many creators still use "I don't have my niche" as an excuse.

  • They compare themselves to other creators
  • They're stuck in the belief that they need it
  • They heavily overvalue the importance of it

It's time to break those beliefs.

Here's how to create your content strategy without having to worry about your niche.

Step 1: Don't pick a Niche. Pick a problem.

The problem you want to solve acts as the North Star, your direction.

Let's say, you want to teach digital creators how they can grow an engaged audience on social media.

Or, you want to help solopreneurs reach financial freedom.

Some say that's vague, others will say it's clear.

I'd argue, it's both and that's great.

Knowing the problem you solve gives you a great sense of direction where you're headed.

I find that this concept is best visualized by the ABZ framework.

Know where you want to end up, but focus only on the next, small step at hand.

This way, you remain focused.

It’s the perfect combination of focus and overview, zooming in and out at the same time.

Step 2: Define 2-3 subtopics of this problem

Just knowing which problem you solve doesn't make you succesful.

Many creators fail to be specific.

They say they solve problem X, but when you ask them "How do you approach that?", they look at you with glassy eyes.

But, that's not you.

You're reading this, so you start to understand that there's a better way.

Let's take the example problem I shared earlier:

"Helping solopreneurs reach financial freedom."

I'd deconstruct this problem by defining 3 subtopics I can create content about.These can look like:

  1. Build a personal brand to attract high-quality opportunities
  2. Create digital products on Gumroad
  3. Grow an email list

I can write about 3 subjects, which at first sight are very different.

But, I know that they serve the bigger goal:

Namely, helping my audience (solopreneurs) reach their desired goal (financial freedom).

That's how you want to define your subtopics or so-called content pillars.

Step 3: WRITE

Building an audience on social media is already hard enough.

Why overcomplicate this by trying to learn a new skill at the same time?

Don't do that.

Operate from a place of strength.

I'd make the bold statement that everyone should start by writing.

Why writing?
We all do it.

Want to grow an audience?


Fuck the beliefs you're not a writer.

Everyone writes.

It's just a matter that some people write better than others.

How do you get better?

You put in the reps.

Start today.

Once you have built the writing habit (e.g. you're consistent and writing is easy), you can think of adding other skills and formats.

Think of video, visuals, slide decks, or images.

Step 4: Be strategic about your content

Yes, back to content.

Why does this matter so much?

It's literally the vehicle of growth.

Your content is the magnet you put out to attract like-minded people.

Great content should do two things:

  1. Help them solve the problem themselves
  2. Position me as the expert to help them solve their problem

In the second step, you've defined your 3 content pillars, so now it's time to be creative.

Content to help your audience solve their problem can be as follows:

  1. Show your "Behind-The-Scenes"
  2. "Here's how I did X"
  3. "How-to"

Content to position you as the expert you are can look like:

  1. "Here's a result I booked for XX"
  2. "Here's how we solved problem XX"
  3. A case study

You don't pick your niche, your niche picks you.


I know firsthand that it can be very tough to select the right actions to take.

I can help you position you as the expert you are.

Give your brand the voice it deserves and bring your vision to life.

If that sounds like you, book a free discovery call here.

That's it for this week.

I hope it was valuable.

Thanks again for being such an amazing member of The Creator Academy.

I appreciate you'all.

Much love,

Your Personal Creator Guide,


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