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The Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Your Ideal Audience on LinkedIn

This guide helps you to find your ideal audience on LinkedIn and breaks down the process to filter out 99,9% of unqualified people.
The Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Your Ideal Audience on LinkedIn

Hey friend,

By now, you know that interacting with relevant accounts is crucial to building an engaged and warm audience.

Resulting in generating those juicy DMs in your inbox.

In the past, we’ve talked about finding your ICP, short for Ideal Client Profile.

This is great, but, it leaves out a crucial element…

That’s why I want to introduce a broader concept:

ICA, short for Ideal Client Audience

  • Peers and competitors
  • Ideal clients and prospects
  • Industry leaders and influencers

Depending on the phase you’re in (audience-building, authority-building, or lead-generating) you adjust the weight of each group you engage with.

For example:

  • 20% of your engagement efforts are with Peers and Competitors.
  • 50% of your engagement efforts are with Ideal clients and prospects.
  • 30% of your engagement efforts are with Industry leaders and influencers.

I found that using a simple technique works best to skip the distraction of the LinkedIn feed and straight to the content of the creators:

AKA the Bookmarking Technique:

  1. Head to the Profile of the person you want to add to your list
  2. Click “Show all activity →”
  3. Select “Posts”
  4. Bookmark that page in a folder in your browser

Allright, cool.

Now you know who you should put on your list.


But, knowing that LinkedIn houses 900 million users, how the fuck are we finding our ideal audience?

That's where the search function of LinkedIn comes into play.

Under-used by many.

Such a shame...

To locate these people on LinkedIn, you use the Advanced Search feature:

Let’s take a look at “founder” - one of the most sought-after clients on LinkedIn.

We start easy:

  1. Type in “founder” in the search bar
  2. Press “enter”
  3. Select “people”

This only gives a "little" problem..

No one got time to browse through nearly 10 million hits.

That’s why we wanna get specific.

Let's say based on my ICP research and preferences, I choose the following selection:

The following happens:

Cool, right?

We’re getting somewhere…


I went from nearly 10 million options to less than 400 people.

That means we filtered out 99.996% of unqualified people…..

Can we get more specific?

Heck yes.

Let’s introduce a “hack” that not many people know of AND use…

Go back to "All filters".

And, head to “Connections of”..


Think of someone you’re connected with and someone who you view as an authority figure in his or her niche.

The thought process here is as follows:

If this authority figure is connected with the people I’m looking for, I can “trust” they are of quality.

Still following me?

Let’s see how this goes…

Tell me…

How crazy is that?

We went from 10 million users to just 1.


Hyper-specific based on the criteria we used.


Will this always work?


Is it worth experimenting?

Heck yeah!


One more checklist to summarize it all…

  • Do I know who I look for?
  • Have I run multiple different searches?
  • Did I find relevant people to follow or connect with?
  • Did I connect with them?
  • Did I convert their characteristics into LI language?

Allright friends,

That's it for this week.

Hope it was helpful.

If so, don't hesitate to drop a note about how this helped you to upgrade your LinkedIn Game.

Stay awesome, and keep creating.

We chat next week.



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