The Ultimate Guide for Consistency:

The Ultimate Guide for Consistency:

3 Things You Should Look at First Before You Worry About Consistency

“How can I become more consistent?”

A thing creators often ask me.

But, it’s the wrong question to ask.

Here’s why.

Consistency is often seen as the holy grail of success for creators. It’s simply not the thing you start with at the beginning of your creator’s journey. Being consistent isn’t the goal you should pursue. It’s a byproduct of doing the right thing and putting in the work.

The best part?

Nobody is born with consistency. Every beginner once lacked it.

It’s not really rocket science how they overcame it: simply starting.

Here are 3 things you need to know before you even worry about being consistent as a creator:

  1. Knowing why you want to be a creator
  2. Clarity on your goals
  3. Have a system in place

Let’s break those 3 elements down in detail.

1 — Know your why

I bet you know Simon Sinek, right?

Yes, everything starts with why. So does your journey towards consistency. Knowing why you want to become a creator is essential. Without having this clear, you will fail.

You want to have an understanding of your overall vision.

Your vision defines your future. It shapes your journey and the decisions you make. It prepares you for obstacles and when life throws you off track. Things that will evidently come.

Because your vision does not change. Your vision is bigger than small events.

For example, if I get dropped off high in the mountains of Costa Rica or in the middle of Times Square, my vision remains the same. Yet, the next steps change, as the outcome may look totally different. But my core vision stays consistent. And, so should your approach to vision as well.

It’s your North Star.

So, knowing that, here’s my why that might inspire you:

I want to be a creator because it allows me to work on the projects I like working on, be the boss of my own schedule and define my own playing field.

What about you?

Define your why.

Don’t be afraid to define your vision. As having it clear doesn’t mean you always have to stick to it. Your vision may evolve, the same way as you evolve as a human being. The work is never done and that’s beautiful.

But, in order to start somewhere, you need to know why you want to become a creator.

Trust me, after this, everything becomes much easier. Even being consistent. Consistency happens automatically if you can’t wait to get back to what you’re working on. With that being said. Let’s move to the second element: clarity

2 — Clarity on your goals

Knowing why you want something is one thing, but knowing what you’re after is as important.

This comes all down to setting the right goals. With many ways to do this, I’m not preaching one method. But, the method that works for me: reverse engineering.

I start with my end goal:

  • I want to be an independent creator by March 2022.
  • This means an average income of €5000/month.
  • I ask myself: “How do I get to this point?”
  • I offer different products X, Y, and Z with different prices,
  • So, knowing that, I know how much I need to sell from each.

Very simplified, but you get the point.

If you know your why and your what, the how will present itself automatically.

That takes us to the last part: having a system in place.

3 — Find your system

Aiming for consistency without having the system to support you is a recipe for failure.

The vision, direction, and clarity allow consistency to emerge. The fact that writing threads or articles are relatively easy for me, doesn’t mean you should do it, too.

Find something you can commit to for a longer time. We all have different schedules, responsibilities, & places to go. Some thrive in the morning, like me. Others are true night birds.

(Get the template to create your own content management system here.)

My friend Matt Hogan shared his system with me recently:

Curate, Create, and Connect.

He uses the mornings to curate his information input — newsletter, social feeds, and other resources, the afternoons for creating — Matt’s an avid writer —, and the evenings he uses for connecting and engaging with other creators and their content.

Having this clear allows him to be able to do the things he needs to do in a timely manner.

And, trust me, having a system in place allows you to get the things right that move you and your brand forward.

Final Thoughts

After all, consistency is earned.

Earned by doing the work. Showing up on the days that you don’t feel like it.

Not because it’s cool to say that. You show up, especially on those days, because you know they will benefit you so much in the future.

The creator’s game is a marathon, not a sprint.

Those that come up fast, often fade away quickly, too. You don’t want to become a one-hit-wonder. Show up daily. Just show up.

If you do the work, consistency will come to you and at some point, it’s easier to do the things you should you would do than to not do it. At that point, it’s not about consistency anymore, but it’s about not breaking the streak.

Consistency is often misunderstood.

It’s not about being perfect and not being able to miss one day ever. It’s about getting back on track easier and faster than before.

Because one thing is certain: you will fail.

Everyone does it.

Acknowledge that you’re imperfect and will make mistakes. Don’t be too hard on yourself and accuse yourself of not being consistent. Take the time to plan ahead for those days is pivotal for your journey. Those who are ready will get ahead for sure.

Life happens. That’s ok. Get your sh*t together and start over again. The goal is not to be perfect.

The goal is to keep on moving forward.

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