Creator Guides

The creator space is ever-evolving.

These guides cover everything I know about audience-building, personal branding, and monetization as a creator.

Over time, more guides from other creators will be added as well.

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    Creator Guides:

    5 Steps to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Profitable
    In this guide, I’ll share with you the process that allowed my clients to generate high-quality inbound leads with their LinkedIn Profile. Including three templates to get started today.
    Don’t Pick a Niche. Pick a Problem
    Here’s how to create your content strategy without having to worry about your niche.
    10 Steps to Create and Sell Your Online Course
    In this guide, I’ll share how I built my recent video course in less than 3 weeks and for less than $100. After reading this, you know how to get started with ideating, creating, and selling your own course.
    5 Strategies to Double Your Email List
    Growing an email list is something you wish you had started 5 years ago. In this guide, you’re going to learn 5 strategies you can use to double your email list in less than 3 months.
    11 Steps to Convert Your Idea into Money in Your Bank Account
    Upfront validation is essential, but 99% of digital products are launched without it. Follow these 11 steps, and you’ll drastically improve your chance to become an independent creator.
    The Ultimate Guide to Convert Followers into an Engaged Audience.
    This guide shares the 5 steps to transform your followers into raving fans, who support you and your products and services.
    The Ultimate Guide to Start and Grow Your Email List
    You don’t own your audience on social media, you rent it. Once your favorite platform decides your show is over, it’s over. This email is dedicated to the serious creators, the ones who build or wants to build a business out of it. Reading: 3,5 minutes Yes, this happened
    The Ultimate Guide for Consistency:
    3 Things You Should Look at First Before You Worry About Consistency “How can I become more consistent?” A thing creators often ask me. But, it’s the wrong question to ask. Here’s why. Consistency is often seen as the holy grail of success for creators. It’s simply