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The Two Types of Content for Your Content Strategy

With the right content, you can attract the right audience, it’s that simple. Content as the magnet you put out to attract like-minded people. And, great content should two things:
The Two Types of Content for Your Content Strategy

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Hey friend,

It's Jessie here, welcome to another edition of The Creator Academy.

Here's where I like to keep things simple.

Many people struggle with content creation because they don’t understand the basic concept behind it.

Great content should do two things:

  1. Help your audience solve the problem they have
  2. Position you as the expert to help them solve the problem.

(I speak a lot about the problem-first mindset. If you’ve missed this, I’d suggest you read this previous article first)

With the right content, you can attract the right audience, it’s that simple.

I see content as the magnet you put out to attract like-minded people.

Want to grow an audience of solopreneurs? Write about topics solopreneurs are drawn to.

Want to grow an audience of investors? Write about topics investors are drawn to.

Unfortunately, so many creators overcomplicate content creation and as a result, they get stuck and give up.


They want to pack “everything” in one piece of content.

Trust me, I tried this, too and it doesn’t work out well.

Now, here are 3 other reasons why creators struggle to create problem-solving content:

  • They copy the formats of other creators without thinking about their own brand.
  • They don’t know which problem they’re solving.
  • They jump from trend to trend.

But, there’s good news.

In this article, I’ll break down how to create problem-solving content that attracts the right audience and builds your brand in the right way.

Strategy 1: Create content that solves a problem.

This type of content is perfect to build trust, credibility and authority with your audience.


Because you help them solve a problem that’s important to them.

You give them actionable value to overcome a challenge, so a few things can happen:

  • They start following you as they want to see more of your content
  • They want to be part of your audience to give back to you.
  • They trust you more because you’ve shown them you can do what you say you can do.

One of the most important characteristics of an engaged audience is goodwill, and that’s built through problem-solving content.

Content that solves the problem for the audience can be:

  1. Show your "Behind-The-Scenes"
  2. "Here's how I did X"
  3. "How-to do X" (make sure you have the expertise to talk about it)

An example of a problem-solving post can be:

Strategy 2: Create content that positions you as the expert.

To help your audience solve the problem they have.

This matters because not every problem can’t be solved by content itself.

Let’s say, you want to grow your business from 4 to 5 figures a month.

You can read all the content that’s available, but how do you implement it?

How much more powerful would it be if you had something with the right experience and expertise to teach you the ins and out (aka a coach)?

How would you find this coach?

Most likely through his or her content right?

This person shared their experiences and displayed the skills of helping others like yourself.

Content to position you as the expert you are can look like this:

  1. "Here's a result I booked for XX"
  2. "Here's how we solved problem XX"
  3. A case study.

(Here's a great example of a post like this.)

That's it for this week.

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