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One Framework to Write Your First Viral Post for LinkedIn

One Framework to Write Your First Viral Post for LinkedIn

In this email, you'll learn one framework for how to craft a potentially viral post for LinkedIn.

Even though you can't predict how the algorithm treats your post, you can do everything within your limits to have the best chance of reaching virality as possible.

If you leverage the power of storytelling.

Unfortunately, so many people still neglect this element in their posts.

It can be extremely hard to craft a good story.

Many creators fail to craft a personal story because:

  • They're afraid to share something personal
  • They don't follow simple storytelling rules
  • They forget to write for emotion

Understanding human psychology a little bit better is already a step in the right direction.

By simply thinking of something that happened to you and how it affected your life.

This way, you craft something unique, personal, and relatable.

Especially, this last part is important.

We all think our experiences are unique, but in fact, everyone on Earth faces similar challenges of simply 'being human'.

People come for the content but like to stay for the connection.

There lies your opportunity.

Here's a 4-step process to craft a great story your audience can relate to:

Step 1: Display the challenge

Problem-solving in hindsight is one of the strongest ways to hook your audience in from the start.

What's something you struggled with in the last 6 months?

What held you back or caused you a lot of effort to overcome?

Set the scene.

Make this challenge look big and audacious:

The harder you make it look, the more you can turn the tables in the next steps.

Step 2: Allow your audience to connect

This step is often overlooked in many stories:

Telling your audience how this challenge obstructs you, and more importantly, how it made you feel.

Your audience wants to know how you felt at that specific moment:

Frustrated, angry, or excited?

Make them feel something!

The more emotion you can display, the more your audience is able to connect with the story.

More connection leads to higher engagement, as your audience wants to tell you "Hey, I felt this, too"

Step 3: Show them "enough = enough"

There's the saying:

"It gets worse before it's getting better".

Leverage this.

Enlighten your audience:

What was the moment you decided that this challenge wouldn't hinder your life anymore?

Tell your audience how this pivotal moment arose and how it made you decide to make a change in your life.

Share your process of change.

The bigger you made the challenge in step 1, the more dramatic you can make the turnaround here.

Step 4: Share the light at the end of the tunnel

Once you've overcome this challenge at the time of writing, you know the answer now.

You're still alive and able to reflect on your hardship.

Perhaps you already see the beauty of it, and how it improved your life.

There's one last thing to do here:

Tell your audience about the transformation.

How did you end up after facing all these hardships and how are you doing right?

Again, the more emotion you can display, the better your audience can connect.


Write a story answering the following questions:

  • What’s a challenge you faced in the last 6 or 12 months?
  • How did this obstruct you and hinder your life?
  • How did this challenge make you feel?
  • When did you decide to confront it?
  • How did you approach that?
  • What was the end result?

Storytelling is an art.

Luckily, an art everyone can learn when you put in the work.

It's all about making the reps and trial-and-error

Yet, knowing the right frameworks can help massively as it guides you through the steps.

"Tell this, and now this, then this, etc."

The framework shared in this email is just one of the thousands.

I personally like to share frameworks I only tested myself.

If you're ready to learn more storytelling frameworks, you can unlock them here.

That's a wrap.

I hope this was valuable for you.

I'd love to see your personal stories come to life, so if you craft something based on any of these frameworks, don't hesitate to share it with me.

As always, I appreciate you'all.

Your Personal Creator Guide,


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