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The 8 Golden Rules of LinkedIn Success

Recently, I partnered up with the #1 LinkedIn copywriter & growth expert (for real).
The 8 Golden Rules of LinkedIn Success

Hey friend,

By now, you know I’m all about LinkedIn.

In fact, last Wednesday I celebrated my 365-day posting anniversary.

Pretty cool.

Especially, if you think of the results it got me:

+ Grown an audience of 26,792 people.

+ Made close to 6-figures off this platform.

+ Ended up in Colombia w/ LinkedIn Friends.

+ Become known as the Purple LinkedIn Guy.

+ Met a handful of LinkedIn rockstars in person.

Recently, I partnered up with the #1 LinkedIn copywriter & growth expert (for real).

I’m talking about my good friend, Jasmin Alić.

We got together (virtually) and we came up with a strategy to master LinkedIn like the top 1%.

Buckle up and take notes, here are the 8 Golden Rules of LinkedIn Success.

Rule 1 - Jessie:

Don’t know who to write for?

Write for one person.

Seth Godin said it best: “Not everyone is your customer”.

To grow a relevant network on LinkedIn, you need to be specific (if you wanna break into that 0.1%)

Writing with one person in mind will make your content get very concrete.

As a result, your ideal client will feel addressed, and if your messaging is correct, take the right action.

Pro tip: Picture your best client and write to this person

Rule 2 - Jasmin:

Intend to comment?

Comment with intent.

If all you want to say is "Great post" or "Thanks for sharing", think about how that comment reads to everyone else viewing that post.

It's barely noticeable, right?

This will give your profile more views and more credibility over time if you keep sharing valuable bits in the comments you write.

Comment with intent - always.

Pro tip: Never comment only for the author. Comment for everyone reading the post.

Rule 3 - Jessie:

Making an ask?

Be clear and concise.

A great post can come to a great CTA - there's no problem with that.

Knowing which ask to make at which time is a superpower.

As the creator, it's your responsibility to be very clear about what you expect the reader to do.

For example:

Pro tip: Don't use more than 1 call-to-action in your post.

Rule 4 - Jasmin:

Sharing more?

Share everything.

I literally share everything I know.

No gatekeeping.

No secrets are kept.

Pro tip: There's no such thing as: "sharing too much for free"...

Rule 5 - Jessie:

Trying to win alone?

Forget about it.

Know the saying "If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together"?

The same applies to LinkedIn.

Jasmin doesn't “need” my audience, as his audience is big and engaged enough.

Yet, this rockstar understands these collaborations and reaches out to his peers.

Pro tip: Don't see peers as rivals but as a source of collaboration and inspiration.

Rule 6 - Jasmin:

Ain't helping?

Ain't posting.

Unless you answer this question right:

"Does this help someone?"

Or even better:

"Does this help Jasmin's target audience?"

This is how he writes every single LinkedIn post, be it text-only or a carousel.

If the post doesn't "do" something for my followers, he's not posting it.


Rule 7 - Jessie:

Give, give, give, give, give, give.


An engaged audience is built by providing relevant and valuable information.

Over and over again.

Trust and goodwill will come your way.

With my carousels, I try to provide as much actionable and useful information for my audience.

Pro tip: Feeling "oversharing" anxiety is actually a good thing.

Rule 8 - Jasmin:

Can't engage?

Can't post.

This is Jasmin's biggest LinkedIn rule.

It’s the single reason why he doesn’t post every single day.

If people take the time to write a comment on your post, try your best to respond in kind.

Otherwise, it's just one-directional, selfish content promotion.

Not community building.

Pro tip: Try your best to never "post and ghost".

Yes, we covered a lot.

Here’s the TL;DR:

  1. Write for one person.
  2. Comment with intent.
  3. Have one clear CTA.
  4. Share everything you know.
  5. Collaborate with peers.
  6. Make your content helpful.
  7. Give more than you ask.
  8. Only post when you're also able to engage.

Here are the 8 steps you want to take to place yourself into the 0.1% of LinkedIn.

That’s a wrap, friends.

Thanks for being here.

Cya next week.

Have a great weekend.



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