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Your 5-Minute Process to Find Your Niche

You don’t pick your niche, your niche picks you. And, it comes to you through experimentation, execution, and iteration. Sounds boring hey? Hear me out.
Your 5-Minute Process to Find Your Niche

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Hey friend,

I have a confession to make:

I’m sick and tired of so-called successful marketing gurus telling the world that you need to *niche down* to become successful.

That’s “easy” to say when you’ve found your niche already. It’s like telling a young entrepreneur he or she doesn’t have to work because you made your fortune already.

Doesn’t make sense, right?

This is a problem in so many ways:

  • It prevents people from taking action.
  • People are afraid to “change their minds” and pivot.
  • A lot of creators compare themselves to other creators.

You don’t pick your niche, your niche picks you.

And, it comes to you through experimentation, execution, and iteration.

Sounds boring hey?

Hear me out.

I didn't choose personal branding myself.

It came to me after writing about digital marketing, freelancing and entrepreneurship- trying to build an audience online. Only when my tiny audience gave me the feedback that I helped them with their personal brand, did the 💡 go off.

Without the experimentation phase, this would never have happened.

So, what does this teach us?

Stop using the “I don’t have a niche” excuse

And, start writing, and here’s the quickest way:

“What’s the advice you wish you had 6/12/24 months?”

I mean it, you can LITERALLY stop reading this sentence and start writing your answer.

5 minutes from now, you can have a full post.

Sure, the formatting might be off, or you need to think of a better hook.

But, it’s more than what you had 5 minutes ago, right?

As you wrote down your answer, you’ll notice that it naturally falls into a content bucket that’s important for you and you’re passionate about.

It can be travel, digital marketing, personal finance, or any other topic.

This is GREAT feedback.

As that’s the subject you want to stick with for the next 30-60 days.

So, keep writing on this topic:

In the beginning, this might feel clunky, but soon you know:

  • if you like it
  • if you're good at it
  • if comes naturally to you
  • if you can continue doing it
  • if it resonates with your audience

All we did in this phase is to collect the dots.

Execute, reflect and iterate

All we need is to take action, so after you tried a few things for 30-60 days, you ask yourself two simple questions:

  1. What do I want to keep doing?
  2. What do I want to stop doing?

Yes, it's that simple.

The goal here is to reduce your activities and double down on those that work best for you.

That's where the niching down starts to happen.

You don’t need a niche to get started.

You need to start to find your niche.

Once you’ve found your niche, you can start working on your content strategy. But, that’s a story for a different day.

If you can’t wait till that day, ping me on LinkedIn and share a bit more about you and your situation and I’ll see how I can help you.

That’s it for this week.

See you next week.

Till then, keep being awesome.

Much love,

Your Personal Creator Guide,


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